Private tours in iceland
Discover the wonderful world of Iceland! A world with fantastic landscapes and energy. A world where every trip turns into an unforgettable journey.
About me
Experienced traveller, designer and kitesurfing coach
My name is Nick - I am a traveler and I organize private tours around Iceland. Based on six years of travel experience in Iceland, I really want to show you this country the best way: visit the most popular places as well as get to the hidden and remote locations on 4x4.
Let's make an Icelandic adventure begin!
What do i offer
I will organize an unforgettable guided trip to Iceland, depending on your preferences and number of days you would like to spend in iceland. From the best and most popular destinations to hidden gems of this beautiful country. Even, if you plan to explore Iceland by your own, you are in right place too.
Popular Iceland
All classic routes are here
Hidden Iceland
Remote and hidden places, reachable only 4x4
Custom tour
Tour that will suits all your preferences the most
Self guided tour
Explore Iceland by your own
Why Me
  • Private experienced guide
    I am the tour-maker and a guide in one person. I always explore this amazing country to create a new routes and destinations.

  • Freedom and flexibility
    Tours are very flexible for changes and adaptations regarding to your needs and preferences. I always have something to offer.
  • Unique Experience
    4x4 car allows us to go a way more further than others to see the most remote and hidden jems of Iceland.

  • High quality service
    During our tour, you will always have a bottle of watter or hot tee and free Wi-Fi in the car, for connected people.

Want to visit Iceland?
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